Outdoor Media has evolved with time hence it has a very bright future says Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Global Advertisers.

By Nimisha Gupta, Editor-in-Chief

Q1. A revolution has been seen in the outdoor space business.  How has been Global Advertiser evolved itself?

Initially, Global sold hoardings and gave them for a period of one year. However, the market slowed down and then no one gave hoarding for a year due to major cash difficulties.

We changed our business strategies according to changing times. We opted to introduce Barter, Rotational Plans, Equity, Credit Card Payment facilities, and so much more.  Today, the consumer is the king of the market. Previously we had a lot of corporate clients, however, now we even have retail clients. We have entered into events, sponsorship and sports as well. There has been a significant change.

Many industries which hesitated on doing OOH are now opting for it. We are offering OOH media at good rates. We’ve even created properties especially in those areas where hoardings were initially not available.
Q2. Global Advertisers is a giant in outdoor media. What are your strategies to stand out amongst the other outdoors in the industry?

We don’t claim ourselves be a giant in the outdoor media as of now. We have a long way to go. We are still at the learning stage and honestly, there is so much more for us to learn. We strive and constantly try to give best media options to our clients so that they use our outdoor media and we establish a good business relationship for future.

Q3. Real Estate Industry are most of your clients, tell us completely how the hoardings benefits a developer in marketing?

-For Builders OOH is very essential and mandatory.
-It is localized and easily accessible.
-No wastage of ROI.
-24*7 creation of awareness
-Today 90% people are outdoors.
-If the message is communicated in the right way it will reach the target audience.
-Other media have a small life, their impact fades away with time.
-OOH has a long and lasting effect.
-OOH has a bigger impact
-It will get you 100% results

Q4. Outdoor Media shares a space in metro city marketing strategies but does it goes down well with II tier and III tiers cities?

Yes, it does go down very well with II tier and III tiers cities. In OOH, hoardings aren’t the only option, there are so many more means of outdoor communications. OOH doesn’t entirely depend on hoardings. The means of media changes in according to its target audience and the location. For II tier and III tiers cities, they have mela, road shows, in shop branding, and so many more options to communicate their messages.


Q5. Tell us the difference in outdoor media and other media like TV and print advertisement. Which is more cost effective and most importantly impactful?

Both are cost-effective in their own way. Both are impactful if the content is curated and communicated in the right manner. Every industry has a different need and therefore, they use different kinds of media that help them reach their target audience in the best way possible. Not necessary that every industry use OOH media some opt for TV and print advertisements because they understand their niche, audience and the impact these media will create. While on the other hand, if an industry wants to create a national presence then outdoor is the most beneficial form of media for advertisement.  Readership and demographics have a major role to play while determining the media.

Q6. What is future of Outdoor Media in India and globally and where do you see Global Advertisers in next few years?

The future is very bright. Outdoor Media has existed for more than 5000 years now. It has evolved with time. That’s one of the reasons why it still retains its powerful impact and continues to flourish despite all the inventions of media in various forms. Dating back to the Maharaja eras outdoor media was in the form of dhol announcements and today the forms have changed to Billboards, Wall Painting, Poster, Banner, Digital, Led Screen. It will never cease to grow. As the country progresses so will Outdoor Media and the innovations pertaining it.

Where we are placed in future is something that our clients will decide. For, we just want to serve our clients in the best way possible and carry out our job whole-heartedly so that we can fulfill all their requirements. We want to provide them the best client- servicing.

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