‘’If developers do not register themselves before the end date of RERA, notices will be issued’’, says Gautam Chatterjee, RERA Chairperson.


By Realty Quarter Service

Shri. Gautam Chatterjee who took over as the Chairperson of MahaRERA states that if developers/builders fails to register before 31st July show cause notices will be send to each one. These notices will be based on the basis of online complaints from August 1. Further stating he said that till now only few developers has registered as they need all documentation done before stepping for register. But I am happy with the response of Estate Agents as we have till now received 1000+ registration and 100 daily. To know more about the plan of action Editor Nimisha Gupta in conversation with Chatterjee sir.

Q1. What are the challenges look like in terms of on-ground implementation of the RERA Bill?
Ans: RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act) is implemented Act. A lot will depend upon the willingness of developers/ builders to follow the spirit and speed. The developer had some technical issue but those have been addressed through help desk and helpline facilities through online. Maharashtra is the first one to have all the process online.

Q2. What is concern of Developer and Consumer concern about the RERA?
Ans: The main concern for developer is the stress with the registration and for consumer more are aware about the project through RERA before they invest. Agents cannot operate if they do not register.

Q3. How many registrations do you expect in this end month? What action you will take for non-registers?
Ans: I expect full registration. Each and everyone have to register by end of this July because penalty is too high. From August 1 cognizance will be taken for every complaint registered by the consumer reporting the case. Immediate action would be taken under the RERA Act.

Q4. The Real Estate Regulator has been finally set up in Maharashtra. How has been the experience been so far in terms of establishing the authority, addressing the developers and agents?
Ans: Real Estate industry has never been under any regulation and to regime a regulation will certainly have pain in transition. But I think everyone is gearing up for this.

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